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The time in Chile is: Mon 4 Jul 2022 18:10
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Alternate views of Chile
Chile is a land of contrasts.
"In the beginning of time, God created the wonders of the world.
When he was finished, however, he saw that he had many leftover pieces. He had parts of rivers and valleys, of oceans and lakes, of glaciers and deserts, of mountains and forests, and of meadows and hills. Rather than to let such beauty go to waste, God put them all together and cast them to the most remote corner of the earth. This is how Chile was born."
- A Chilean Legend
Campers for rent in Chile Cars for business or pleasure for rent Northern Chile Rent a Cars
Explore Chile and the Andes mountains while retaining the comforts of home
. Found that idillic spot, simply stop and enjoy it for a few days.
For business or pleasure, we are sure you will be able to find the car that suits your style.
Commercial vehicles for rent All wheel dive off-road vehicles for rent
Commercial trucks
The perfect form of transport if you need to move heavier and/or larger loads.
Whether you need to move house or lug along 20 surfboards for your surf club.
All wheel drives
Chile is the perfect place for the off-road enthusiast with well paved roads connecting the major cities and thousands of miles of unpaved roads branching away in all directions.
Pickup trucks for rent in chile 4x2 and 4x4 Minivans for hire in Chile

Pickup trucks
The ideal all-round utility vehicle.
In 4x2 or 4x4 versions.
Handy for instance for the mountain biker in search of the perfect downhill

Mini Vans
Great for private trips with friends and family or when travelling with a medium sized group.
Most of our RAC´s can arrange for qualified drivers and info about destinations on request
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