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The time in Chile is: Thu 19 May 2022 1:40
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Availability and price consultation form.

Availability and price consultation form:
Driver: *Name: *Email:
  Address: City:
  Tel: *Country:
Rental Info: Departure location: Return location:
  Date of departure: Date of return:
  *Nº of adults:  *Nº of children: Extra driver: Yes no                     
  Deductable: 1000 €     350 €  
Do you need documentation and/or extra insurance for Argentina: Yes No
Kilometres per day: 200 km 300 km 450 km
Do you have any special requests? Will you need any special equipment?

 Contact info:  Los Leones 2300 - Santiago - Chile. Phone: +56-2-2582000 - Fax: +56-2-2582026
24 hours emergency: +56-9-98223896
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